Welcome to My Little Props House, a cozy props rental house in Singapore!

Be it for film shoots, photography or events, feel free to browse through our library of props, from various vintage collections to set dressing items for offices, homes and any specific locations you might have!

About Us

At My Little Props House, we are passionate about props of all kinds, from vintage home furniture to office dressing, we carry items that can assist you in dressing a space for your film shoots as well as for your theatre sets or even events!

Our props are accumulated from years of working in the film industry, where we see the potential of each item instead of throwing them away, we kept them and want to give them a second life.

In hope to do our part in minimizing the carbon footprint made in the film industry, we hope that you can help us to advocate reusing in your film shoots and events to come! We might not have everything you need, but with every effort to minimize one off buying and renting something instead, we hope everyone can try to do their part to help in building a more sustainable future for the props industry!

How it all began

Junior Foong, founder of My Little Props House is a passionate individual who started working in the film industry, found his passion in the Art Department and never looked back. In his years as a Props Master, his love for vintage props grew and, in his efforts to save the pieces from being thrown away, he started his humble collection. With the growing need to reduce consumption and carbon footprint, he felt a need to share these resources so that there is an avenue for people to rent props instead of buying and throwing it away when the period of use ends. This website is our humble attempt to start a system and hope that with your support, we can look towards creating a database that caters to everyone’s little effort towards a greener future.



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